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Rug and Mat Cleaning North Shore

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Are those Persian rugs that you have at home getting too dirty? We don’t know where the myth started, but for a long time, people have said that these rugs are not to be washed. We don’t know if bad luck is involved or anything like that. What we can say is that this idea is not exactly true. What is true is that if you don’t get the rug cleaned properly it can get ruined. Especially if you pour too much water on the rug and hang it out to dry. If you want to avoid having a stiff rug or mat we can help. We can also help you with flood restoration in North Shore.

What Type Of Rugs Can You Clean?

This is actually one of the smartest questions that we tend to get. You have to keep in mind that not all rugs are carpets are made equal. We know that most people know that, yet when it comes to cleaning them they want to treat them all the same. We can virtually handle any type of rug as long as we feel confident that we are going to be able to provide good results for you. So, don’t be too worried about whether or not we can help you with your rug.

Handling Area Rugs

When you have an area rug it is kind of hard to decided how to properly handle cleaning it. In some situations, your best bet is going to be to treat it like a permanent carpet in other scenarios we are going to have to remove it from its original spot and clean it from the front and the back. As we said in the last paragraph there are going to be different ways to handle equally different situations. Of course, if we are going to need to move around furniture or anything like that we can get it done carefully.

Is Too Much Cleaning Bad?

At one point or another, you had to figure that we were going to explore this myth that is out there. We have hinted towards this at times. What we always tell people is that over-cleaning can be a problem. We are not denying that at all. If you scrub too hard you are bound to have some issues with your carpets. This is not something that you are going to have to worry about when hiring our services. Since we know that we are not going to be cleaning them every day or anything like that you won’t get any type of added wear and tear from cleaning. To be fully honest we are not overly comfortable with having any homework. All of the work that we do is going to be done on-site. Even when it comes to cleaning rugs and mats. We know that some people and companies like to tell you that they are having them dry cleaned and things like that. We are of the belief that we don’t need to take anything with us to provide a good finish!


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