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Cleaners North Shore

Cleaning North Shore

cleaners north shore

Everyone loves to live in a clean environment but very few people love the cleaning process. Fortunately, we will save you all this trouble as we are the best cleaners North Shore. You can entrust us with all the cleaning services. Our team of cleaners has experience and skills in cleaning commercial and residential properties. If you have areas that have not been cleaned for a long time, we are here to serve your needs and we will help you reclaim the unused space.


With our cleaning services, we are able to make your home or office safe and habitable. There are so many health hazards that will be avoided when you have a clean environment. For most homeowners cleaning their houses is not their favorite hobby. This tends to be taxing and tedious and as such, most people tend to neglect it. A good number of residential properties only get basic cleaning. We are qualified house cleaners in North Shore and we would be honored to help you with the cleaning of your home. Our crews are highly trained and experienced in professional cleaning. You will have enough time to deal with other essential matters while we focus on the cleanliness of your home. Do not allow cleaning your home to take away your valuable time. Contact us and let us schedule professional cleaning services. If you would want professional cleaning services, we are the right company for the work, give us a call and get a free estimate

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House Cleaning North Shore

We have an extensive range of cleaning services North Shore Auckland to offer. We are a cleaning company that has been in business for more than 20 years. With our experience, you can trust us to provide you with the best cleaning services for your home or commercial premises. All our crews are carefully selected and this is how we end up with the best cleaners in the industry. We interview each cleaner and carry out detailed background checks. As such, we can vouch for each of our crew members. We are a company that works with honesty, integrity, and the highest level of professionalism.

Customer satisfaction is important to us and as such, our North Shore cleaners will provide you with the best cleaning services and exceptional customer service. We are aware that most people do not have time even for themselves, let alone cleaning. With the little time that you can spare, we do not want you to spend all of it cleaning your property. Allow our cleaners to handle the cleaning process and this frees up enough time for you to catch up with other demands. Our staff is experienced and can handle everything that pertains to cleaning, including organizing, arranging, disinfecting, and deodorizing your home or business.

We are a company of professional cleaners North Shore Auckland and we are fully licensed and insured. Over the years, we have proved to be reliable and dependable cleaning experts. It does not matter whether you are looking for a one-time cleaning or regular cleaning, we are here for you. We take great pride in being able to meet and exceed the expectations of our clients in the best way possible. Contact us and our cleaners will be happy to take you through the various services that we offer.

Contact us to speak to one of our experts and get started right away.

Cleaning Services North Shore


We have a comprehensive range of professional North Shore cleaning services. Our cleaners are ready to serve all clients and we will be happy to give you the services that you deserve. You can trust us to deliver the best cleaning solutions because we have the skills, knowledge, expertise, and the right equipment for the work. Our services include:

  • Domestic cleaning
  • Commercial cleaning
  • Commercial carpet cleaning 
  • End of lease cleaning
  • Apartment cleaning
  • Bathroom cleaning
  • Carpet Cleaning
  • Vacate cleaning
  • Spring cleaning
  • Move out/ Move-in cleaning
  • Property cleaning
  • And much more!


When you need to vacate your current property, it is advisable to leave it in the way it was when you moved in. Cleaning when you need to move out is one of the most challenging tasks that you have to encounter. We are cheap cleaners and we will provide you with professional services such that you will be able to get your security deposit back without a problem. We will make it easier for the next tenant to move in without any challenges.

When you hire our cleaners for vacate cleaning, you will get the best results. We have a wide range of equipment that we will make use of to achieve the desired outcome. Our cleaners are familiar with all the cleaning techniques and methods and we will use the one that suits your needs in the best way. Contact us and let us clean, organize, and sanitize your former property before vacating.

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Domestic Home Cleaning

Does domestic cleaning take up most of your time? Our domestic cleaners North Shore will take care of cleaning your home and ensure that you have more time for your leisure. We are passionate about what we do and we love cleaning homes. Our services are comprehensive and we will see to it that every part of your home is cleaned properly. We can offer other services at your request, including bed making and laundry services.

We have a reputation for providing the best home cleaning North Shore Auckland services. We can help you improve your living space by offering high-quality cleaning services. We are a company that is flexible and we can offer weekly, monthly, and on a need-basis cleaning services. We know that every home is unique and different and this why we strive to provide tailored services. Contact us today to schedule an appointment and get a free quote for our residential cleaning services.

Commercial Cleaning

Commercial Cleaning North Shore is totally different from domestic cleaning. As such, not everyone who claims to be a cleaner has the experience and skills to handle commercial properties. Over the years, we have continued to perfect our cleaning services and this is how we are able to accommodate businesses that need professional cleaning services. We have modern equipment and a team of cleaners that are specifically trained for commercial cleaning services. We have a reputation for providing quality services at affordable rates.

As the leading commercial cleaners North Shore Auckland, we will make use of our experience to ensure that your needs are met in the right manner. We have a wide scope of clients including hospitals, offices, medical centers, schools, government institutions and so many more. The benefit of choosing our company is that you will get services with a personal touch. Contact us to get professional cleaning services for all commercial premises.

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Move In / Move Out Cleaning

Moving is not an exciting venture, as it takes a lot of time and it is quite exhausting. There are so many unwanted items and debris that needs to be cleared out. Rather than struggling with the process, why not allow our moving out cleaners to do all the dirty work? We have experienced cleaners who understand the industry and we are able to deliver impeccable services in a short while. We are fast, efficient, and reliable in cleaning commercial and residential properties.

When your lease is about to come to an end, you need to focus on ensuring that you will get your deposit back. Cleaning the premises that you are vacating is a great way to win the confidence of your landlord. If you are relocating your business, our office cleaners will be happy to provide move out/move-in cleaning services. Our cleaners are highly trained, experienced, and insured for your safety and quality service delivery.

Bathroom Cleaning

If you are like most homeowners, cleaning your bathroom is not a task that you are excited about. We want to spare you the trouble and our residential cleaners will handle the cleaning of your bathroom and give the best results. We have been in the business for a long time and as such, we are aware of what needs to be done. There are slimy surfaces as a result of the soap residue and water.

We will get rid of all the stains and make your bathroom safe and clean. We have office cleaning services as well that can focus on public bathrooms. We have different methods and techniques which we will use in cleaning all the surfaces of your bathrooms. Our work will only be done once you are fully satisfied with the services that we offer. Contact us today and book an appointment to have your bathroom cleaned.

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End of Lease Cleaning

When your tenancy period has come to an end, there are certain things that you will be expected to do by the landlord before leaving. Most property owners have a demand to have the property restored to its initial state and we are the best end of tenancy cleaning North Shore contractors. You do not need to worry about the cleaning as we can handle this while you focus on the packing and moving process.

Our home cleaners are professionals who are knowledgeable, skilled, and experienced. We have helped quite a number of clients who needed professional cleaning services when vacating the premises. We are consistent and we have cleaning specialists who understand the end of lease cleaning requirements. We can guarantee you the best cleaning services and we will be able to restore your property to its original state. Our cleaners will leave the property in the same way it was when you moved in, if not better.

Spring Cleaning

We are a cleaning company that specializes in spring cleaning which allows you to get rid of the mess caused by the colder months. During the winter, most people stay indoors and there is very little cleaning that is carried out. As soon as springtime comes, the drapes are now opened and people want to enjoy the warmth of the sun. During this time, we will be the experts to handle the cleaning and let you enjoy the spring season.

There is a lot of dirt and debris buildup during the colder months and as such you will need professional cleaners to deal with the mess. Our cleaners will offer targeted cleaning and we know the specific areas to pay attention to. The spring cleaning services that we offer will focus on the fireplace, countertops, windows, doors, glass surfaces, window sills, and door frames among others.

5star review

I literally feel like I have been given my home back. After the flood things just didn’t look like they would ever be back to normal. Thanks to Cleaning North Shore though, my house is back to looking like itself. - Savannah E.


If at any point in time you feel that your carpets or floors need a little extra shine you are probably going to want to call Cleaning North Shore. These lads really know what they are doing. - George F.


What I like about this company is that they understand their services are a complement to the regular cleaning that we do daily! - Steven W.

Why Choose Us?

Whether you are looking for regular cleaning or one-off cleaning North Shore services, we are the best cleaning company to hire. We take all our work seriously and we will treat your property with great respect as our own. Our cleaners are aware that time is of the essence and as such, we work hard to complete the work at your convenience and in the shortest period of time.

We have a great team of cleaners who are thoroughly trained and knowledgeable. With our expertise and experience, we can assure of you quality services at all times. It does not matter the type of cleaning services you are looking for, you will be in the best hands of professional cleaners. Each of our cleaners is licensed, insured, and bonded and as such, you will have nothing to worry about.

We assure you of a 100% customer satisfaction with every task that we undertake. Our attention to detail and desire to offer quality services is what makes us the preferred choice. We take pride in the top-rated North Shore cleaners with the highest quality of cleaning services in this region.

Areas We Serve

Albany, Bayswater, Baysview, Beach Haven, Belmont, Birkdale, Birkenhead, Browns Bay, Campbells Bay, Castor Bay, Chatswood, Cheltenham, Devonport, Forrest Hill, Glenfield, Greenhithe, Highbury, Hillcrest, Long Bay, Mairangi Bay, Milford, Murrays Bay, Northcote, Northcote Point, Northcross, North Harbour, Okura, Oteha, Paremoremo, Pinehill, Rosedale, Rothesay Bay, Silverdale, Stanley Bay, Sunnynook, Takapuna, Torbay, Totara Vale, Unsworth Heights, Waiake, Wairau Valley, Westlake, Windsor Park, Whangaparaoa, Hibiscus Coast, Auckland Central.

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We are professional cleaners North Shore with high-quality services to offer. We can confidently assure you of quality workmanship and total satisfaction. Our cleaners will do everything possible to make sure that you are happy with our services. Contact us today to schedule and cleaning service and get a free quote.

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